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In order to understand that how do Positive Affirmations work and to make proper use of Positive Affirmations one must need to know about affirmations and how to use them. 

Our subconscious mind sends all our thoughts  in the Universe and these thoughts are created by the Universe in the form of our future or it can be said that our thoughts creates our future.  

All our thoughts which we transmit to the Universe does not becomes our future and sometimes many unwanted thoughts which comes in our mind knowingly or unknowingly, which are also called as negative thoughts, which  causes our loss they become our future.

 Why does it happens ? The reason for this is our subconscious mind, our mind and our feelings. Whenever we connect our inner feelings, mind and five senses with any thought and send it to the universe, that thought condenses.

 It is good that all our thoughts are not condensed because we think only a few good thoughts in the whole day, while the whole day our thoughts are associated with evil. Because of these thoughts, the thoughts with which our inner feelings get attached determines our future. 

By changing our ordinary thoughts or negative thoughts through positive thoughts or affirmations we can make our future better. Positive thoughts are also called as positive affirmations. 

So if you want to make your future better and beautiful, then you have to change your thoughts and give a new direction to your life. You must understand the whole way through which you can become positive and you can achieve success by connecting positive thoughts with your mind and five senses.

Meditation is a very good source to take advantage of positive affirmations.  Apart from this, they can be taken advantage of  through some other ways, such as repeating again and again or feeling through the five senses and affirmations to determine the future but it is very important to do karma with all these, without action and efforts, success is not achieved.

Here are some examples of  positive affirmations through which we can add happiness in our lives*

1. I am born to win.

2. I am perfectly fine.

3. I achieve success in every moment of every day.

4. Everyday I go into deep meditation.

5. I love everyone, everyone loves me.

6. I get sound sleep everyday.

7. I get new opportunities everyday.

8. I gladly accept every situation.

9. I am connected to the divine power each and every moment.

10. Happiness is coming from all around in my life.

11. I am getting regular towards meditation.

12. I take the right decision by connecting with the Universe.

13. Divine power helps me every moment.

 14. I take care of my family very happily.

 15. My family helps me every moment.

 16. I understand the situation of every member of my family and they also understand me and my situation. 

17. I help everyone and I get help from all sides

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