Divine Rayys

The universe is made up of the combination of energy and five elements, every place has its own energy.  Each direction has its own energy and so is the energy of the five elements.

To be acquainted with and amending the energy of any place is considered the work of Vastu Shastra.  The person who does this work is called Vastu Shastri.

In addition to the four directions East, West, North and South, the intersection formed when two different directions meet is also given the name of Ishan Kon, Agneya Kon, Vayavya Kon and Neshrty Kon.

Different directions and intersection contain different types of energy and different elements. It is very important to follow the rules of Vastu when any house, shops or factory is built because when a place is constructed in accordance with the rules of Vastu, the energy present there is able to give its right benefits.

Hence by following the rules of Vastu Shastra, we can increase success, prosperity, peace and love in our life because all these things can be easily found when there is balance of energy. When there is a blockage of energy,  a lot of hard work has to done to get all these.

Therefore, if we have Vastu defects at our home or workplace, then by eradicating them, we can take good benefits in less time and less effort.

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