Divine Rayys

Shri Kailash Rohida is a renowned Reiki Grand Master, Lama Fera Grand Master, Crystal Healer and teacher of many other modalities. In the year 2010, when he got the attunement of Reiki and by the grace of the gurus, he went on getting the knowledge of different modalities of Occult Science. After learning different modalities and having miraculous experiences through Reiki, he have made his goal to reach out to all the people who are unaware of the positive power of this sacred energy so that Reiki seekers can resolve their life problems and can be happy and also everyone could get physical, mental, material success and economic progress through Reiki. For the above reason he started organizing camps in different cities to teach Reiki and other modalities. Your journey that started alone has grown into a big family as Reiki students in many cities and countries. Your main objective is to continuously take Reiki and other healing modalities to everyone so that there is all round development of the seekers.
He started organising Reiki Offline classes from 2016 in different cities and Online Reiki classes from 2021 and many students from different cities and different countries also found this knowledge of Reiki in online classes.
He always encourage your students to teach and spread Reiki. He always try his best to clear every doubt of his students. Peoples’ experiences are absolutely amazing even in all the meditation sessions he take.
In November 2021 by Guru’s grace he wrote a book on Reiki named “Reiki 1”. This book is so powerful and effective in itself that just by reading it, the reader starts feeling the positive power of Reiki energy within himself and a connection is made with that supreme energy.
Along with Reiki, he is the Grandmaster and teacher of many other modalities like Lama Fera, Switch Word, Su Jok, Color Therapy, Past Life Regression, Clinical Hypnotherapy, Crystal Healing, Angel Healing, Affirmations, Law of Attraction, Pendulum, Zibu, Karuna Reiki, Kundalini Reiki etc.
He is a professional healer and he also conducts healing & meditation sessions for kids. The results of these kids meditation sessions are commendable in increasing focus, memory power and concentration among kids.
From time to time he share videos on positive thoughts and short meditations on his “Divine Rayss” YouTube channel, social media and WhatsApp groups, it also help people a lot because the members connected with him raise their doubts and questions involved in everyday life. They ask questions and his answers are meaningful in removing their inner conflict and the unresolved questions of their lives are often found answered.
Reiki is a positive force to connect and raise spiritual energy in a natural form within oneself. Abundance and prosperity is also easily achieved in materialistic life through Reiki.
The meaningful effort you make to take meditation and Reiki continuously to the masses is very commendable