Divine Rayys

The method of grounding is resorted to remove the blockages of energy present in the life body other than the physical body of the human being or to release the negative energy.  Grounding means to remove the extra energy of our body or such energy which is not good for us, out of the body. 

 This process of grounding can be done in different ways, some of these methods can be easily done by connecting to the earth and some can be done by bathing in the sea. 

The biggest benefit of grounding is to release the energy from the body that is not good for us .

The old memories and thoughts in our body because of which we are suffering can also be removed through grounding because these thoughts become a blockage to the energy in our body due to which different types of diseases occur in our body.

  And if these energies fluctuates then our physical body becomes exhausted.

So grounding is very important.

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