Divine Rayys

Dowsing is an ancient practice which was  used to find water.

The method of finding water by the villagers in a way by taking coconut or two different woods in one hand whose name they did not know is called Dowsing.

Dowsing is widely used in today’s scientific age.  The instrument through which this work is done is called “Dowser”.

Benefits of Dowser

1. Finding a missing object.

2. Getting answer to a question in yes or no.

3. To find water.

4. To Know which stone or crystal is suitable.

5. Knowing the positions of the auras and chakras.

6. How the business will be with two partners.

7. Choosing the right life partner.

8. Future prediction.

9. Answering a lot of unresolved questions.

Dowsing is a vast and wonderful topic but it is necessary to do very thorough research on this subject so that your prediction is absolutely accurate.

There are many Dowser Charts available and a lot of information and questions can be answered through different charts.

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