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Numerology holds great importance in human life.  Number becomes one of the most important part of a man’s life as soon as he is born.  The date of his birth, the time of birth are very important for him.  Through Numerology, a change is brought about in your life by understanding the energy of the numbers present in your date of birth and increasing the energy of the numbers which are not present.

Every number has its own vibration, it has its own property, through which whatever fluctuations occur in the life of a person, in his behavior and in his situations, a numerologist can understand it very easily and hence energy can be balanced.

In today’s time, very good results can be obtained by combining numerology and astrology together.

The characteristics of some numbers of numerology are given below

1, This number is influenced by the Sun.  The owner of this number has leadership ability.  Success in job can also be achieved through the energy of this number.  It is believed that people holding high government positions are influenced by the energy of this number.

2, people affected by this number are very emotional and imaginative but lack the power to refuse work.

3, this number is also considered as a symbol of power.  According to some numerologists, this number is also called the originator of conflict.  These people also act as commanders, that is, they can do the work given as guides.  Being a little selfish and a little high ambition can be their behavior.

4, a person affected by the energy of this number is associated with a lot of ups and downs in his life.  Just as the tides and ebb comes, in the same way, the life of the owner of this number keeps on progressing and regressing, intensity of anger fluctuates.

5, The person with this number has the art of speaking, has the ability to make friends and these people are associated with the ability to take decisions by looking at the situation and make the right decisions.

6, it is believed that their nature is to look beautiful and to be organized in material life.  Their speciality is their power of convincing people in their favour.

7, This number is also considered as a spiritual number.  Finding and correcting mistakes is the most important feature of them because being spiritual, their thoughts and their consciousness can be of a high order.  Helping and not tolerating wrongdoing is the special feature of them.

 8, The person of this number is also considered to be Manglik at times.  Whenever we combine numerology and astrology, this number and Mars are looked at very carefully.  The native of this number can be a little angry and can also have a bit arrogant nature.

9, The people of this number are considered to be associated with spiritual courage and mystical learning.  The people of this number are courageous, emotional, determined and are very fond of religious works.  It is their special feature to be passionate and win.

There are solutions present in numerology through which you are guided for problem solution like spelling correction of your name and by adding your date of birth

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