Divine Rayys

Human life is consists of five elements, due to the disturbance in these five elements, many diseases occur in human life. The five fingers of a human’s hand are considered to have five different elements.  Different mudras are formed by joining different fingers of the hands, this is called Mudra Science.  

Due to deficiency or excess of any kind in the body, we get physical ailments, which can lead to paralysis, acidity or joint pain, if the air element is unbalanced. Similarly, due to excess or lack of water element, we get phlegm related or blood related diseases.

The reason for the disturbance of these elements in our body are imbalance in our lifestyle, routine and our diet. We can resolve the imbalance of these elements externally or internally within the body. Externally means taking vitamin pills or balancing the deficiency or excess of that element through medicine or by any other method. Through mudras, we can balance the elements internally.

Some of the important mudras are mentioned below

1. Vayu Mudra

2. Prana mudra

3. Apana mudra

4. Gyan mudra

5. Prithvi mudra

6. Dhyana mudra

7. Buddha Mudra

In this way, there are various Mudras, which can be used to save ourselves from diseases.

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