Divine Rayys

This whole world is connected to each other and the work of connecting these two is vibration. A plant 10 feet away from you, a crossroads shop 100 feet away, a planet millions of feet away, all these are connected to each other.  And the medium to connect all this is vibration. 

 Like it is said that when the sun rises in the morning, we get many types of vitamins through that sunlight, in the same way we get coolness from the moon but it is also believed that the moon does not have its own rays. 

This light is taken from the sun, this whole process is completed only by vibration.  In meditation, when we connect with the energy of the universe, we get that energy only in the form of subtle waves. 

Every activity of the Universe has an effect on human life and man’s thinking also has an effect on his actions and his behaviour. After all, what is the reason for this?  The main reason for this is the subconscious mind of man.

 The subconscious mind of man is connected to the Universe, through this subconscious mind man sends his vibrations to the Universe and through this receives the vibrations.

Our mind is connected to the five senses of our body and the five senses are all connected together with each other, in fact nothing in this world is the same. If you want to understand this thing deeply then we need to understand two things, firstly we need to understand that whenever two human beings are born at the same place and at the same time, even after that the fate of both are different, moreover to understand this deeply we need to study the fingerprints  in depth.

  Out of seven billion people of the world, none of the fingerprints match each other. To find solutions to these problems, science like Signature Science was invented. Like the behavior and fate of people born in the same place differs, and this is because it depends on their actions and behaviour. 

 Every action of a human being is done by his five senses, his five karmic senses and his mind.  Whenever a particular person does any work, his working style changes according to his state of mind.

Signature science is a very powerful science to understand all these situations and human behaviour.

 It is believed that whatever a man writes is a reflection of his past and his future.  The science of handwriting gives information about human behaviour and future by understanding its reflection, just as we are happy to see a well behaved person, similarly we are happy to see a beautiful handwriting.  But it is not necessary that the way the handwriting is beautiful, the human body is also beautiful, but information can be taken from his signature and writing style.

  Through this science, the behaviour of man and his nature can be understood through which we can associate ourselves with him. Many types of problems can be successfully diagnosed through handwriting science, such as if a child is afraid in sleep or if there is a break in the partnership between any two persons or there is a divorce between them, this situation can be changed by analysing and changing the signature. Also, the reason for this situation can also be known.

A small human signature or writing written on a page can give a lot of information about him, all these information is being used the today’s big corporate level companies to hire their office workers because through these signatures and writings human behaviour can be understood very easily.

 Like a person talks very nice things to you but is full of deceit and selfishness in his mind or he is a slouch in his work, then knowing this behaviour through writing style and signature, what decision we have to take in future can be answered.  so that future troubles can be avoided.

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