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Intuition is a very simple word called premonition or intuition.  It means knowing a situation ahead of time.  We all live in the present and the event that will happen after some time is called future, the power to know or feel this future event ahead of time is called intuition.  

Sometimes when our phone rings, we guess the correct name of caller. Many times our door bell rings, before opening the door, we get an inner voice that this person must have come, when the door is opened, the same person comes.  We wonder how ? Manier times when we go somewhere, our parents or some dear ones tells us to be careful and due to that care, our accident is saved.  what’s all this ?  This is what we also call intuition or premonition.

There exists an energy body inside our physical body which we also call the life body or the subtle body.  There are some chakras inside it, out of which seven chakras are the most recognized.  

The most powerful of these chakras are considered to be Third eye Chakra and Crown Chakra. 

 Both these chakras pick up the waves prevailing in the universe called vibrations and transmit them to our brain. 

 It is believed that the happenings in this universe can be felt in advance.  The very first feeling of this phenomenon is foreseen which is called intuition.  The more we are deeply connected to nature, the power of our intuition is enhanced. 

 This power is present in children since childhood, but through our sacraments, this power gradually stops working.  The smoother and simpler our living and the inner state of our mind will be, the more powerful our intuition will be because we can very easily understand and accelerate the subtle waves of the universe. 

 It is believed that those whose intuition are high, their third eye chakra and crown chakra are awakened or more active than others. The Serpent power of these people is awakened.

Benefits of Intuition

There are many benefits of Intuition. 

Through this we can avoid all the troubles that may happen in future. 

Can also save a person from his troubles.

Can decide right or wrong.  Can decide which situation will be right for someone. 

Those who are perfect astrologers, tarot card readers, some who are masters of Reiki, those who are regular meditators have very good intuitions.  Through this, these people tell you about the future in the right way. 

How can intuition be increased In fact, the power of intuition is associated with us since childhood or we get these powers in return from the sadhanas done in the beginning, but by connecting with worldly matrix, we get rid of all these powers.  We get deprived and because of the actions in which greed, jealousy, anger are associated with all this, our conscience is not able to become clean and pure, so we get away from intuition.  It is very important to have a clean and pure mind for this.

Intuition can be increased in several ways

1. By meditating daily

2. Practising Reiki regularly

3. by connecting with Nature

4. Grounding

5. By making your mind relaxed

6. With unconditional love

7. Replacing hate, anger and jealousy with mercy and compassion

8. Must be done through Tratak but under the direction of Tratak Guru

9. Being observer of the breath while sitting in meditation

10. Being a visionary towards life

11. Due to a balanced lifestyle, whatever energy is present in our body, by sending that energy in the right direction, we get connected with these powers of the universe. Apart from this, there are several ways like chanting the mantra or by the attunement from masters, by practising yoga these Intuition power can be increased or activated

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