Divine Rayys

Crystals comes in different colors and sizes through these colors and sizes they are used to balance the energy.

Rose Quartz, this pink colored crystal helps in increasing love and improving relationships.  This crystal is specially used to fill the energy of a place with positivity and love.

White Quartz: This crystal with a white water-like color is the most commonly used crystal.  Healing power is enhanced through this crystal.  By using this crystal, positive energy, positive thinking and ability to work are increased.

Amethyst Crystal this purple colored crystal holds wonderful and mysterious powers in itself.  This crystal is called the *king of crystals*, this crystal enhances our supersensory power i.e. intuition power, consciousness, will power and connection with the Universe and through this it is very easy to go into deep meditation.

Citrine: This yellow coloured crystal is called the crystal of prosperity.  Through this crystal, the energy of prosperity is increased by balancing the energy of that place.  This crystal is most commonly used to overcome the lack of money and to increase business. Green aventurine and Pyrite along with Citrine crystals are also used for prosperity. 

Thus many crystals exist in different colors and forms.

Such as crystal ball, crystal tree, bracelet, garland etc.

These crystals are very easily available.  After aura scanning and chakra scanning we can easily know which crystal will be beneficial for us.

In today’s time, crystals are also the most used to remove Vastu defects.

Features of Crystal

 1. The crystal receives and sends energy very rapidly.

  2. Increases Crystal Healing Power.

 3. Aura of any place can be cleaned very easily with the help of crystal or the energy there can be changed.

 4. We can gift charged crystals to others.

 5. By wearing a crystal, the energy of that crystal starts flowing in our body.

 6. Physical, mental and financial problems can be overcome by crystal healing.

 7. Energy can also be sent continuously for 24 to 72 hours through the crystal grid.

 8. By wearing a crystal garland, our throat and heart chakra energy can be balanced very easily without any effort and both these chakras can be made powerful.

 9. Amazing results can be achieved by charging water through crystals and adding affirmations to it.

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