Divine Rayys

The energy circle outside our physical body is called the Aura. This invisible circle of energy is formed through different colours. This aura is invisibly present and it is seen through Krillion Photography . It can also be seen through human eyes for which proper process and preparation is done.

This energy has surfaces of different colours through these surfaces the *aura readers* and those who have knowledge about aura, fully analyse the nature and different things related to one’s future and diseases. The position of the aura can also be known through a machine called Aura Scanner.

Aura also belongs to living and inanimate objects. Most of the time it is oval in shape. This aura is a replica of the energy of our body. The aura is variable, i.e., it changes by the thoughts, behaviour, energy and place of the human being. The aura of a human being can be changed by the thoughts, behaviour and energy of another human being or because of the energy present in a place.

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